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The Delmarva Tractor Pullers Association, Inc. (DTPA) was formed in 2013 to promote fun, family-friendly, tractor pulling events.  Our events are held on the Eastern Shore of Maryland from Tolchester to Pocomoke City and also in Delaware at the Delaware State Fair.  Many events are held in conjunction with small Fairs and Festivals.
The sport of pulling began on farms with horses pulling stone barges.  By 1929, farmers were hooking tractors to various forms of weighted sleds.  In the 1950's, many County Fairs had tractor pulling competitions.  The noise and smoke was an attraction to spectators.
Today, tractor and truck pulling is a business attracting thousands of spectators to large venues to view the various classes of modified tractors and trucks.  However, members of DTPA have chosen to remain closer to the roots of the sport with tractors built mainly in the 1940's and 1950's and with much less modification.
There are two forms of membership for Delmarva Tractor Pullers:  Voting and Associate.  In order to participate in a DTPA event, an Associate membership is required.